Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flowplayer Flash Video and SetReturnValue

I recently set up a HTML5 video system with flash video fallback, for those crazy people with old browsers. is a great site for explaining how to do this. Use this with the site with the info here for a great solution.

Anyway, the flash fall back using Flowplayer commercial was giving me a bunch of issues on IE7 & IE8. One was there was an error that was being logged in the console about 'SetReturnValue' not being defined. Turns out, the <object> tag must have an ID. The example code I copied from VideoJs's front page didn't have this. So, make sure you have a unique id set.

The other issue had to do with Flowplayer's branding removal (with a commercial license). Turns out, the registered domain name is not for the domain the video is being played on, but the domain the swf file is loaded from. I had the swf files on a CDN and the branding was not removed. Just had to move it back to the main site and all was good.

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Anonymous said...

Just had same problem with 'SetReturnValue' not being defined even with ID set on the object.

Turned out you also need to have the 'name' attribute as well which I was missing.

var attributes = {
'id': 'player1',
'name': 'player1'