Thursday, September 20, 2012

MacBook Pro Retina & Linksys Routers

I have two Linksys wireless routers (WRT160N and E1200). One at an office, the other at home. I bought a MacBook Pro Retina a couple days ago (OS v10.8.1). I've now found that my new MBP doesn't play nice with Linksys.

Typically what happens is that, while still connected (according to the status bar), the connection chokes for about 30 seconds -- nothing flows through the pipes. What is even crazier is that it does the same for everyone else on the network (Macs and PCs).

This doesn't happen at Starbucks or the Apple store (which I am pretty sure don't use Linksys routers).

I can't find anything online about this so I'm asking the question: Has any one else had any issues with the MBP or rMBP on Linksys routers?

PS. The routers do have the latest firmware.