Friday, October 1, 2010

iPod Touch Battery Life Issue

I love my iPod touch. But it had a problem. After upgrading to the latest and greatest software (iOS 3), the battery life was awful, to say the least. I charged it, set it on the kitchen table in the evening and by morning it was completely dead. Something was very wrong.

The first thing I tried was to disable all push notifications and alerts. And, after charging it up, I left it plugged in for a few extra hours (just in case). Unfortunately, I saw no change in performance. The iPod would die, again, within 24 hours, even if I had not used it. This was getting ridiculous.

I found a blog post that suggested performing a restore. So, I gave this a try. I plugged in the iPod to my laptop, and clicked the restore button in iTunes. After a few warnings and some waiting, the iPod was back to its squeaky-clean state. And I can say that now, after 3 days, that the restore worked and the battery life is back to normal. I haven't charged it in days and it is still going strong.

Bottom line, if your iPod touch's battery life was cut dramatically short after upgrading to iOS 3, try a full restore. Worked for me.

Leave a comment if you've had similar experiences. I'd be interested to hear if it worked for others as well.

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