Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Better Browser

This is my PSA to help the world rid itself of bad browsers:

So I just wrapped up major development on a 3-month project and I am stoked to be done. But, I am also more and more convinced of Internet Explorer's ... deficiency.

Now there are the normal "quirks" with IE that every web designer runs into (e.g., version 7's inline-block problem). These "features" are annoying and I have to deal with them often, but at least there are a number of known work-arounds to help me.

There is one major thing that I've come to see about IE in these past 3 months for which there are no work-arounds. It is dreadfully slow and clunky. Things that will run smoothly and look great on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, will look awful slow on IE. This last project uses a lot of DHTML and it has a really high level of user interaction, so naturally there are a lot of animations and fading of images, etc. IE just cannot handle it and I've had to remove a lot of animations for people who are visiting the site with IE.

So, now that the browser Google Chrome is celebrating its second birthday, I thought I'd share my thoughts about browsers once again. Use Chrome if you want a fast, responsive, useful browser. I particularly enjoy the streamlined UI. Switch between Chrome and IE and you'll notice MAJOR speed enhancements. I love Chrome and you will, too.

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