Monday, April 5, 2010

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700 v2.0 - Keystroke Problem

I thought I'd post this real quick in case someone else is experiencing the frustrating problem I was having. I have a Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse 700 and it has been driving me up the wall lately. The keyboard would miss keystrokes, would occasionally respond with a repeated keystroke and would otherwise be annoying. I tried replacing the batteries, re-syncing and restarting and nothing helped.

Then, I tried moving the receiver device that plugs into my USB port further away and voilĂ : Here I am typing up a storm without getting stressed. It is nice to have a keyboard that works again. Apparently the USB receiver cannot be within a certain distance from my keyboard... maybe I should have read the instruction manual.

Update (6/23/10): The manual states that the mouse & keyboard should be between 8 inches and 4 feet from the receiver.

Update 2 (8/10/10): I've officially given up on this mouse & keyboard. The mouse drains a fresh pair of AA batteries in about two weeks and the keyboard constantly has connectivity problems. I went back to old-fasioned wired replacements, for now.


Anonymous said...


what was the minimum distance used where you stopped having these issues?

Eric said...

I've put it at about a foot and a half away and it works most of the time. Every once in a while it still gets fussy and I have to move it around.

Axel said...

You are absolutely right. I also have a Microsoft wireless keyboard v2.0 with mouse and experiencing same problems.

..... WHY EVERY time i buy something, i have to first look for a review ???

Anonymous said...

this was driving me up the wall thanks for posting this.

i was about to go and buy a new keyboard and mouse with wires

Chris King said...

yes im having same problem tring to play tera a mmo and its frustrating i turn wrong way or dont swing i bought 2 of these too haha

Anonymous said...

same problem for me. Random keystrokes...
Read this forum, give a try to the keyboard after 8 months unused, counter intuitively put a distance (all the length cable) between keboard/mouse/desktop box and receiver... and it seems to work
This is its last chance :) (for m$ too)
thank you