Monday, March 15, 2010

Terms of Service - Don't Add This

Because I run a small business, I have to do everything – marketing, accounting, IT security, legal – on top of the real work of making the web site or application for my clients. When it comes to the big, confusing or time-intensive tasks, though, I am willing to pony up and pay the professionals (like when I do my taxes). Today I decided I should put on one of my many hats and take a look, once more, at my company's Terms of Service (TOS).

Interestingly, I came across this very helpful blog entry about including the famous "we can change this whenever we want and you have to check this website everyday for changes" clause that many businesses add to the top of the TOS. I always wondered about this. It doesn't seem quite fair – is it really legal? Well Eric Goldman argues that it can pretty much make your TOS invalid. Read here for more.

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