Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Domain Renewal Group

This company has such awful business practices, I have to make a quick entry about. Today I received a bill-like letter in the mail from Domain Renewal Group (the same company as Domain Registry of America). In the letter they say that my domain name is expiring soon (as in 5 months from now) and that I should renew with them today. But, they are not the company I originally registered with nor would I ever want to (their fees are ridiculously high).

It is clear that Domain Registry of America has made a conceited effort to trick people into paying them through what appears to be a bill. They do say that "This notice is not a bill" but it is buried in the middle of a wordy paragraph, where it will be easily missed. I personally know of one organization that unwittingly sent them money, thinking that they were obliged to do so. Instead they fell for what amounts to a dirty scam and wasted their money. (Unfortunately their IT people were not consulted by their accounting people.)

So, if you get a fake bill from Domain Renewal Group, toss it in the garbage and maybe write your own review of this unethical company.

Other related sites: Domain Registry's BBB record, Dynadot's warning (a good registrar), and an understandably frustrated blogger.

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